Project Summary

Our Client: Brady Corporation

Brady Corp is a global, $1B+ manufacturer headquartered in Milwaukee, WI.  Their Identification Solutions business designs a suite of products used in workplace security, and their Workplace Safety business provides 1,000’s of products used by companies around the world.  Upon referral by a past client’s VP of Human Resources, we were directly contacted by Brady Corporation’s Director of Human Resources.

During the initial kick-off call, we were asked about our experience, prior RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) successes, our tools, our pricing and our availability. After learning about us, it was our turn to dig into how we could help Brady Corporation. While they didn’t need our help filling a C-level position, they were interested in hiring as on-site consultants to aid in the following:

  • Assess their current team of recruiters
  • Establish and document best practices for processes and procedures in recruitment
  • Recruit, train, and manage recruiting resources for the company

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

During our initial kick-off meeting, we learned as much as we could about the current state of the business and the company’s pain points within the recruiting department. We also worked alongside their existing recruiting team to obtain a firsthand understanding of their current processes and standards.                     

Our analysis revealed that the recruiting teams had disparate experiences, processes, deadlines, and templates/forms.  There was also a lack of clear metrics to benchmark performance or measure improvement. As a result, we were able to uncover significant opportunities for improvement in process and credibility with internal global business leaders as well as Human Resources.

Oftentimes, recruiting needs fluctuate, so hiring a team of full-time, permanent recruiters may result in both under-utilization (thus increasing the cost per hire) or over-utilization (thus putting stress on the business trying to identify, attract, recruit and retain top talent).  Quovis’ Recruitment Process Outsourcing model allowed Brady Corporation to flex their recruiting staff as needed, while also leveraging a wealth of industry best practices.

Our Solution

Our approach to helping Brady Corporation was multi-faceted.

After our needs analysis, we provided standardized candidate assessments to ensure consistency of experience for candidates as well as business and HR leaders. Next, we created dashboards so recruiters could track, analyze, and report their recruiting metrics in real time according to business, recruiter, and function. Finally, we recruited, trained, and managed a team of Quovis Recruiting Consultants and Recruiting Coordinators who were located on-premise at Brady Corporation.

As a result of our success, our Quovis recruiting team was eventually converted to full-time Brady Corp employees, and our work with this client continues as new recruiting needs arise. We also received the following testimonial from Brady Corp.’s then HR Director, Matt Donaldson:

“Quovis will assess and understand your business requirements from a recruiting standpoint, and then tailor a strategy to meet your specific needs.  At the end of the day, we always feel good about the investment we put in with Quovis. They’re customizable and willing to be flexible and work within our needs, plus their dependability and knowledge-base is appreciated.”