Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Allowing clients to take full advantage of our extensive talent resources, recruitment best practices, marketplace savvy and screening expertise, Quovis provides comprehensive Recruitment Process Outsourcing.  Projects large and small, Quovis is a beginning-to-end partner, taking on specific recruitment projects and delivering talented workforce populations.

As a result of our Recruitment Process Outsourcing services, Quovis clients:

  • Lower recruitment costs for high volume hiring initiatives
  • Improve candidate quality & overall candidate experience
  • Increase efficiency & speed of hiring

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Options:

Offsite Recruitment Services – Quovis provides end-to-end recruitment services to clients from our offsite location. Though off-site, the recruitment process is 100% transparent to our clients.  Progress reporting is continuous, and we pride ourselves on a “wide open-door” policy on all recruitment processes, so that clients can always take part in resume reviews, interviews, screening, testing, and negotiations.

Onsite Recruitment Services – Quovis offers onsite recruitment services to manage mid-to-high volume recruiting projects on the client’s premises.  We build customized teams of professional Talent Acquisition Consultants who will work onsite and will use our established Quovis recruitment processes and performance metrics.  Our teams partner with Human Resources and Hiring Managers to fill open positions with top, hardworking professionals.

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