Project Summary

Our Client: Brady Corporation

As they were reinventing their suite of electro-mechanical products to include mobile, tablet, and desktop functionality, Brady Corporation, a global, industrial manufacturer and distributor, reached out to Quovis to spearhead this short-term, high-volume recruiting project.

In this highly-technical, emerging technology environment our client had specific requirements for their new team: their IoT products would be able to communicate machine-to-machine, without human-to-computer interaction, and their SaaS software would be produced in an agile environment, and sold as a service.

In order to meet project revenue goals for the following fiscal year, multiple positions were defined across two locations, with very specific hiring dates.

Collaborative Recruiting with Quovis

Brady Corporation’s Vice President of IT and Software Engineering partnered with Quovis for good reason, our proven track record of finding niche technical talent, for multiple positions, across multiple geographies.

For a high-volume and time-sensitive recruiting project such as this, communication is of the utmost importance. In this particular case, we utilized collaboration tools to share progress dashboards, which tracked candidate pipeline, sourcing techniques, interview flow, offers and on-boarding. In order to provide updates and quickly identify and resolve issues, we reviewed the dashboard during weekly Google Hangout meetings with our client’s multi-location R&D leadership team. In partnership with Brady’s internal HR team we utilized their Taleo applicant tracking system to take complete ownership of the project, from a compliance perspective. We also coordinated interview scheduling, offer creation, offer extension, and candidate on-boarding.

12 New Team Members & 1,500+ Candidates

Quovis quickly identified and contacted over 1,500 potential target candidates using both active & passive sourcing strategies, and after rigorous screening protocols, we created slates of qualified candidates for each position.

Quovis successfully closed all 12 positions within the expected time-frame; positions included: Manager of Software Program Management, Software Engineering Manager, R&D Project Manager, Software Engineers, Architects, Web Operations, Software Test Automation, User Experience Engineers, and Software Quality Assurance.