Project Summary

Our Client: ITW Release & Trim

Release & Trim is an automotive division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), with locations in Poland, Czech Republic, France, and Germany, while the company is headquartered just outside of Chicago, Illinois. We held our project kick-off meeting over the phone, since their Vice President/General Manager and Director of Human Resources were located in Czech Republic and Germany, respectively. They were in search of a Division Controller in Istebna, Poland, one who would match their company culture, and serve as an effective business partner who could provide guidance to the division leadership.

A Truly Unique Search

Managing this search was exciting in that the position was located in Poland, the client leadership was located in Czech Republic and Germany, and Quovis was conducting the search from the US, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The factory in Poland was located in a unique area. It was a mountainous region in the Southeast, with a very low population and very little comparable industry. During the winter weather, it’s difficult to even get to the factory, and with Poland being a low-cost country, compensation would be lower than neighboring countries. Due to the improbability of relocation, we determined that we would need to find a qualified candidate already living within commuting distance of the factory. We decided to focus on targeting candidates who attended university in the geographic region or had once lived there and may want to return.

Worldwide Success for ITW & Quovis

We presented the leadership of ITW’s Release & Trim division with a diverse pool of applicants from the region, and narrowed our search further until we found the perfect fit. Despite the unique and remote area we were targeting, we were able to provide our client with a slate of highly qualified candidates. We found them a new Division Controller who fit the culture, was strategy-oriented, and who could serve as a high-performing partner to the business leadership. The search took exactly 90 days, and they were amazed that we could find such a great fit so quickly. We truly enjoy this kind of cross-cultural collaboration. It’s always enjoyable for us to learn about new parts of the world, and to work with the great people that live there.