Project Summary

Our Client: Manitowoc Company

We received a call from Manitowoc Company’s Corporate Director of Human Resources, who had heard about our services from the Director of Enterprise Resource Planning and the work we had recently done with some of their difficult technical searches.

At the time, Manitowoc Company had no internal recruiting function to support their organic growth and acquisition. Lean on HR staff in general, they were limited in their ability to bring in a high-volume of new talent. The Corporate HR Director asked about our capacity and if we could handle positions outside of the standard IT positions we had previously handled for the Manitowoc Company.

What We Learned

Through several kick-off meetings, we were informed of many positions that were either already open, or would be opening soon. It evolved into a much bigger opportunity than even the Corporate HR Director had originally anticipated, to include five business units across several geographic locations in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. After these discoveries, we pitched the idea of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to Manitowoc Company.

In this service model, Quovis would, in essence, become the defacto recruiting department for Manitowoc Company, but off-site at our location in the Milwaukee area. Under this agreement, we were Incentivized to fill positions as quickly as possible, time-to-fill became the key performance indicator. To ensure success, we established a process for communication and tracking of activities through customized dashboards and weekly update calls and meetings.

Our Process

At the time, this became one of our largest RPO projects, in terms of volume of positions filled. During the first 18 months, we managed more than 250 open position requisitions, and 25+ Hiring Managers in 5 business units, across two US states. Using the customer’s internal applicant tracking system as well as our own resources, including internet advertising, referrals, passive candidate targeting, external agencies, job-boards, user communities, professional organizations, and temp-to-perm hiring, ensured that we were creating an efficient, high-performing and effective recruiting department within the Manitowoc Company.

Having successfully delivered on many challenging searches for the Manitowoc Company, we earned our reputation as being professional recruiting and RPO industry experts. We proved to be scalable, and demonstrated an ability to be innovative in creating a mutually agreeable, performance-driven pricing model. Helping the company grow, and adding talent that run this company even to this day, showcases the positive impact we have on the companies we serve and why we have become a trusted name in the recruiting industry.