Project Summary

Our Client: Brady Corporation

Having successfully placed qualified candidates into executive positions with this client before, Brady Corp. engaged Quovis to find them a National Sales Manager in Canada. We had always enjoyed working with Brady Corporation, and understood the high standards required of each of their employees. We knew we had to find someone with exceptional sales experience, but also extraordinary leadership skills. Before initiating the executive search, we sat down with their Vice President of Sales & Marketing for a discovery meeting.

New Energy & New Ideas

Sales were flat in the Canadian market, so this business needed a jolt of energy to get back on track. They had a seasoned sales staff with a wealth of experience but didn’t quite have the right leader. As is true with all great leaders, they need to be able to take things to the next level, to lead their team from good to great! This new Sales leader had to be able to mentor and motivate the sales staff to make the team thrive. Additionally, they needed someone who could bridge the gap between the Canadian offices and the corporate offices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Successful Executive Search in Under 30 Days

We interviewed the sales & marketing executive team in order to understand their culture. This way we ensured that we would match the candidates to the culture seamlessly, so this new leader could be the bridge they were looking for. We leveraged our business connections in Toronto, as well as research tools LinkedIn and ZoomInfo, in order to get a broad spectrum of target candidates. We were able to find a proven leader for this position in less than 30 days, even though an executive search typically takes much longer. The Vice President was very happy with our work and thanked us for another successful search.