Networking 101

First and foremost, networking is job one when looking for employment. Networking is all about finding natural, authentic and appropriate ways to connect with people in a professional context. Check out our 5 Essential Tips to Networking, including some essential examples of “Likes” and “Dislikes”.

5 Essential Tips to Networking

1. Connect with professionalism and discretion
First of all, always network in a style that’s comfortable for you, keeping it professional and discreet. Firstly, LinkedIn is ideal for a brief intro and note. Next, connecting in person at industry events is a great way to share contact info. Additionally, be sure to keep messages brief to establish mutual respect for time. Then, share what you value about their organization. In addition, offer observations and compliments about their work and organization.

Dislike: “I can’t stand working for Jensen. If you have any openings, contact me.”

Like: “I saw you work for CJ Incorporated. Jensen keeps me plenty busy, but if you have any projects that match my skill set and experience, feel free to contact me.”

2. “Practice” networking in your present workplace

Then, try to connect with current coworkers to discover helpful info about their past experiences. After that, they may have advice for the best roads into organizations that interest you.

Dislike: “Carol, you used to work for CJ Incorporated. What happened to you over there? Do you think you can get me in the door?”

Like: “Carol, what was it like at CJ Incorporated? Tell me about their culture. Would you work there again in the future?”

3. Brag: just don’t make it obvious

Later, find natural ways to mention your recent successes in a friendly message that makes it clear that you admire the other person and their organization. In addition, make sure to offer a genuine compliment to your contact.

Dislike: “I totally crushed the Jensen project! Thanks to my genius and hard work, profits are up 100%…I’m the woman! You want some of this, hit me up on LinkedIn.”

Like: “Thanks to our team’s hard work, we crushed a recent project, raising our client’s profits 100%. I’m always looking for new challenges, feel free to message me on LinkedIn. Loved your work on the Cedrick Jones campaign, BTW.”

4. Always follow up

Next, a day or two after connecting, send a LinkedIn request. If accepted, send a brief message related to your shared experience. Later, reach out through LinkedIn to keep current with your professional progress and to offer encouragement.

Dislike: “First of all, thanks for the inside info at the Midwest Expo. If you can get me in the door, that would be awesome. Also, working for Jensen is killing me! If you have any openings, let me know ASAP!”

Like: “First of all, the Midwest Expo was a blast; glad we had a chance to connect. It sounds like you and your team are doing awesome work. Also, keep me posted on your team’s work. I am always on the lookout for good ideas. Thanks again for taking the time to connect.”

5. Always return the favor

Finally, remember: anytime someone reaches out to help get you in the door or make a connection, be available and ready to do the same for them.  In life and in business, what goes around comes around. Practice good professional karma.

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