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Six Tips For Job Seekers (From An Executive Recruiter)


Oh no! Your company has just gone through a merger. The results of the last quarter are in, and they aren’t good. There has been a leadership change in your department. You’ve just been acquired by private equity! There are countless reasons why job seekers start to look for a new opportunity. Some reasons are [...]

Six Tips For Job Seekers (From An Executive Recruiter)2020-01-23T17:05:42+00:00

Networking Likes and Dislikes


Networking 101 First and foremost, networking is job one when looking for employment. Networking is all about finding natural, authentic and appropriate ways to connect with people in a professional context. Check out our 5 Essential Tips to Networking, including some essential examples of “Likes” and “Dislikes”. 5 Essential Tips to Networking 1. Connect with [...]

Networking Likes and Dislikes2020-01-26T19:14:35+00:00

Recruiting in Milwaukee and Chicago


Recruiting in Milwaukee and Chicago First of all, top talent plays anywhere. When you have a choice of cities to take your talent, it can be tempting to go 'big city on the east or west coast.' Not so fast. If you consider the amazing opportunities, affordable yet spacious housing options, great jobs, and friendly [...]

Recruiting in Milwaukee and Chicago2020-01-26T19:18:39+00:00
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